Engaging the Body in Play Therapy

Movement, Rhythm, and Sensory Play

Children who have experienced developmental trauma often present with unusual behaviors- both in and out of the play therapy room.  This workshop will help play therapists feel comfortable leaning into nervous system dysregulation, reframing misbehavior as opportunities to soothe the limbic system through "bottom up" play therapy techniques involving movement and music.

This innovative and intermediate/advanced training that will guide the attendees through the most current neuroscience research (including Bruce Perry, MD, Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Stephen Porges, MD, Peter Levine, PhD, and Daniel Siegel, MD) and demonstrate how to put theory into practice.  Examples of creative ways to use movement, rhythm, and sensory play in play therapy to shift the child’s emotional state, maintain regulation, and renegotiate traumatic associations without overwhelming the client will be explained and demonstrated.


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Embodying the Neurobiology of Attachment in Play Therapy

John Bowlby’s dramatic impact on theories of human development has continued to grow throughout the decade of the brain and we are now beginning to understand the neurobiology of attachment.  This intermediate/advanced three-day retreat style workshop will deepen your relationship with attachment theory, moving a left-brain categorical understanding into a whole-brain embodied experience. We will explore the foundations of attachment theory and then move into what happens neurobiologically when attachment goes wrong.  


Attendees will develop a felt sense for the way pockets of attachment (secure and insecure) become alive in the play therapy room, both with and without parent involvement. We will discuss ways to harness the power of attachment during individual and parent/child dyadic play therapy sessions while inviting play therapists to use their own creativity and intuition when engaging in both directive and non-directive play therapy.  During our three-days together, participants will be invited to lean into their own felt sense of attachment through experiential activities.

This training is co-facilitated with Marshall Lyles, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S

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Play Therapy from the Heart...

with the Brain in Mind

The Relational Neurosciences & Child/Play Therapy

The Relational Neurosciences (including Interpersonal Neurobiology- IPNB) offers play therapists an important framework for understanding the brain in the context of relationships, bringing greater understanding about why play therapy works.  As child and play therapists, we can harness the power of interpersonal neurobiology in order to confidently lean into allowing the relationship to facilitate the power of play therapy.  This 12-hour, two-day workshop will place some of the key concepts from the field of relational neuroscience into the context of play therapy.  Play Therapy from the Heart….with the Brain in Mind brings together the work of Dan Siegel, MD, Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, Stephen Porges, MD, Allan Schore, PhD, Bruce Perry, MD, PhD and more, offering play therapists new tools and new understanding about how to bring about integration and behavior change in children and their families. 

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The Neurobiology

of Being Human

This six hour introductory training will introduce some of the core tenets and theories of the relational neurosciences, including Polyvagal Theory and Regulation Theory. As we develop a greater connection to how human are designed to be their best selves inside a coregulated relationship, we develop a greater understanding for how to best support our clients in moving toward wellness. Although the relational neurosciences apply to all humans, the focus of this workshop will be on children & families.

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Inner Communities


Attention healers of all types...join us for this 5-day, 6-night retreat, full of relevant teaching, community-building, and self-nourishment! Robyn and Marshall have designed an experience that features a few hours of content from the worlds of attachment theory and relational neuroscience each day (15 total CEs) with TONS of time to engage in play, creative activities, relaxation, and connection. Possible opportunities for creative engagement and connection to each other (and self!!!) may include art, sandtray (maybe on the beach!), walks/hikes, movement, and maybe even time on a boat on Lake Michigan!  We will have ample opportunity to be outdoors, soaking in sunlight, while also enjoying looking directly onto the horizon of Lake Michigan from the main indoor gathering space and outdoor decks.

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Bring a training to your town!

Interested in hosting?  It's easy!  The host helps find a training site, supports marketing to the local community, and provides minor assistance during the training (setting up, keeping an eye on snacks).  That's it!! 

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