The webinar bundle includes THREE separate webinars:


  • Toxic Stress & the Developing Brain
  • A Trauma Informed Approach to Behaviors in the Classroom
  • Creating Responsive Learning Environments with Lisa Allen


Toxic Stress & the Developing Brain will provide you with a nice theoretical foundation to the impact of toxic stress on the brain.  A Trauma Informed Approach to Behaviors in the Classroom will introduce to the idea of using a regulation based way to track behaviors in the classroom instead of a token or reward based system.  You'll receive the accompnaying "Letter to the Teacher" which explains similar content in written form.  Creative Responsive Learning Environments with guest presenter Lisa Allen from the Valley View School District outside Chicago will walk you through how the district moved to a repsonsive classroom/trauma informed learning culture and the huge impact that this has had.  You can see a real district - a HUGE one - make a real change!!!  


You'll receive all the handouts and resources that would accompany the webinars if they were purchased separately.


Because I include in a bit of theory in all of my webinars, there will be a some overlap in some of the content.  They were created as stand-alone webinars but go together PERFECTLY when considering creating Trauma Informed Classrooms and Schools.  Because I believe so strongly in understanding the WHY, I think a bit of repetition in the theory is great- it allows it to integrate a bit more each time.  


Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download all of the webinar files, handouts, and resources.  These are yours to keep- the content will never expire.



Trauma Informed Educator Bundle


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