What if we could make sense of children’s behaviors by learning more about the brain?


What if toxic stress and brain development could explain difficult behaviors? Defiance? Disrespect? Aggression?


What if toxic stress was related to learning challenges, emotional and mental health challenges, and even physical health issues???


What if I told you all of the above is absolutely, positively true?


Toxic stress- including lack of appropriate nurturing, abuse, and neglect...and less frequently considered stressors such as domestic violence, substance abuse, and parental incarceration- has a significant impact on brain development.  Children are struggling at school, at home, and with peers. They are aggressive, defiant, out of control, or completed checked out and buried in video games or even obsessive reading.


Educators. Case workers. CASA. Teachers. Guardian ad lidems. Therapists.  Sunday school teachers. Daycare workers. We MUST understand the impact of toxic stress on the developing brain so we can understand what is driving these children’s difficult and unusual behaviors.

This 90 minute webinar is for you if:

  • You ever spend time with children.

  • You are a teacher, principal, CASA worker, CPS case worker, therapist, Sunday school teacher, daycare worker, school counselor, pediatrician, nurse, mom, or dad.  

  • You already know a lot about toxic stress and developmental trauma but are always looking for a refresher

  • You are interested in considering brain-based reasons for difficult behaviors because kids do well if they can (Ross Greene)

  • Love to geek out about the brain. (Oh wait, that might just be me).


We will cover:

  • 3 paradigm-shifting beliefs that will help you see challenging behavior for what it really is

  • The basics of brain development

  • Brain development and toxic stress- and how this impacts behavior

  • How to begin creating a healing environment for children impacted by toxic stress


What you will receive:

  • Video recording of this webinar
  • Handout
  • Instructions to receive a certificate of completion 
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Toxic Stress & the Developing Brain


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