Children with a history of early complex trauma and toxic stress often display challenging behaviors that seem confusing but are actually the result of what is happening in their nervous system.  Early toxic stress and trauma impacts the development of the sensory system, making children more at risk for differences in the way their sensory system experiences and processes the world. These differences may be underneath that challenging behavior you just can’t figure out!


I’ve asked Marti Smith, OTR/L, truly the most gifted and creative occupational therapist I have EVER met, to join me for my next guest presenter webinar!  Marti is a brilliant presenter and can take very complex information and offer it in a way that makes sense. You will also leave this webinar with an abundance of new tools in your toolbox- easy and accessible tools that you can reach for without difficulty.  


This webinar will look at the different sensory systems, clearly articulate the symptoms you might be seeing that suggest a challenge in the system, and then tell you what to do about it!!  Marti will cover picky eating, toileting challenges, hyperactivity, reading challenges, lethargy/avoidance, physically destructive behavior, and sleep difficulties.


Although my webinars typically address challenges that children with a history of complex trauma face, there are a LOT of reasons why children may have difficulties with their sensory system.  This webinar is for you REGARDLESS of the origin of you child’s struggles with their sensory system.  


I can’t wait to introduce you to another fabulous guest presenter!!!  Marti Smith, OTR/L is a Fellow with Child Trauma Academy and TBRI Practitioner. She provides training internationally for sensory regulation and neurorehabilitation through a lens of trauma sensitivity. She holds extra certification in Therapeutic Listening, Reflex Integration, Sensory Processing, Interactive Metronome, Crisis Intervention Stress Management, Athletic Training, and Massage Therapy. She is the co-founder of Simple Sparrow Farm, a Care Farm in Texas which provides a space for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to Learn, Grow, and Heal. For fun, she is a rescue SCUBA diver and enjoys photography, fitness, gardening, quilting, and watching her children in theatre and baseball.


This one-hour webinar is for you if:

  • You are looking for some new parenting tools that will help you address the root of the behavior challenges

  • You suspect (or know with confidence!!!) your child processes the world a bit differently than other children

  • Your child has some baffling symptoms and behaviors that are leaving you scratching your head in confusion.  These symptoms COULD be related to their sensory processing system!

  • You have a child who demonstrates picky eating, toileting challenges, hyperactivity, reading challenges, lethargy/avoidance, physically destructive behavior, and sleep difficulties.  


We will cover:

A. How various neuro-sensory dysfunctions present through child actions.

B. Practical tips to help with sleep, nutrition, activity level, and co-regulation and attachment.

C. Encouraging compassion through identification of the why behind the undesired actions of many children.


You will receive:

  • Downloadable video webinar
  • Audio only file 
  • Handout 
  • Resources


Once you download the webinar, it is yours forever.  HOWEVER!!!! You MUST use the download link to download the files within 30 days!!!  The download link expires after 30 days.

Choosing Therapeutic Activity based on Neuro-Sensory Assessment


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