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We know that complex trauma and toxic stress impact our children's developing brains and their capacity to feel secure and safe within their environment.


What happens to children of color when they experience the toxic stress and trauma of racism? What happens when children of color experience racial bullying and othering?


Rarely has race been incorporated into trauma research and developmental understanding. However, racial identity is universally important in building the foundations of positive self-esteem, regulation, and feeling known by those who love them.


Learning how to talk about the impacts of race and racial awareness in relation to social and emotional development is important to help positively guide children from every background. We will explore what racism is and how it is tied to complex trauma. In addition, we will learn basic developmental tasks related to racial identity as well as basic concepts to consider when addressing racism, implicit bias, and othering.


When we learn to discuss the hard stuff, we not only help our children feel safer and known, but encourage them to use their voice to empower themselves--and the world around them.  


For the first time ever, I’m inviting a guest presenter to my webinars!!  I cannot wait to introduce you to Melanie Chung Sherman, LCSW. Melanie lives and works in the Dallas area, where she has a clinical practice that focuses on attachment and trauma with marginalized populations.  Read all about Melanie over on her website: https://mcscounsel.com/


This one-hour webinar is for you if:

  • You are parenting a child of color

  • You work with children of color (teacher, social worker, case worker, CASA, therapist, Sunday School Teacher, etc.)

  • You feel uncertain or uncomfortable about how to address the impact of race and racial awareness


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Race & Development with Melanie Chung Sherman, LCSW


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