Parenting is a full time vocation that calls out our deepest reserves. Rich with rewards and loaded with challenges, it is anything but a simple journey. One we often are navigating without the help of roadmaps. It is so easy to become overwhelmed and disoriented. In these moments, how can we tap into our innate resilience and learn to ride the waves of overload without feeling like we are failing? How do we learn to work with our bodies and their adaptive stress responses so we do not feel hijacked by them? In short, how do we use our nervous systems to steady the course and parent more effectively?


Join us for this webinar dedicated to exploring the primary role your nervous plays in your parenting. Learn how to work with your body to come into better regulation so that you are a steady presence for your kids. A regulation-informed perspective recognizes that our bodies and specifically our nervous systems, inform our experiences in life. Moving from this awareness, we can learn to track, monitor, and work with the underlying physiology driving our behaviors and experiences, so that we have greater access to the core attributes many of us wish to embody as parents: empathy, awareness and a genuinely engaged presence that allows our kids to settle into a felt-sense of safety and the experience of being fully seen, received and understood.





Jessica Schaffer is a Nervous System Health Educator and Wellness Mentor who guides people toward a more authentic relationship with their bodies and overall health through teaching about nervous system regulation and resilience. She is passionate about introducing the concept of stress physiology (how our bodies process and metabolize stress and how they are influenced by it) and sharing tools to help us manage and balance our responses to stress and trauma.


Jessica’s work is founded on the belief that when we understand how our nervous systems work, when we can track and monitor the underlying physiology driving our behaviors and shaping our life experiences, when we can be in creative dialogue with our body's innate responses, and when we can learn to master simple, self-care practices that support us in navigating the impacts of stress, we have greater access to the innate resilience that lives in each of our bodies. And that access can change the way we show up and live our lives.


Jessica's compassionate guidance and attuned mentorship provides a powerful foundation for cultivating enhanced body awareness as well as greater personal regulation. She offers private mentorship for the general public as well as professional trainings for practitioners interested in incorporating regulation-informed, somatic practices into their clinical work.  For more information, please visit





  • Name the three adaptive responses of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Identify two signs of activation in the nervous system.
  • Demonstrate two regulation skills that can settle the nervous system.


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