Lying is a common- and challenging- protective behavior for all people, but can feel especially baffling in our children who have experienced trauma.  Families often get stuck in a vicious cycle of difficult behavior, parent reaction, and then more difficult behavior. I will help you understand lying as a trauma driven behavior and will give you ideas on how to respond in a way that will actually increase trust and decrease fear- the very thing that is driving the lying in the first place.  This webinar will help you get to the root of the lying without relying on short-term behavior fixes or fear-based compliance.

This webinar will introduce you to the trauma tornado, helping you understand how it started and what you can do to jump out.  We’ll then look at one specific behavior- LYING. Lying to get out of trouble, lying to exaggerate, and lying for what seems to be no good reason at all…why is lying such a common behavior in children who have experienced trauma and what can we do about it??

This 1.5-hour webinar is for you if:

  • You ever spend time with children- especially those impacted by complex trauma or diagnosed with RAD

  • You are a teacher, principal, CASA worker, CPS case worker, therapist, Sunday school teacher, daycare worker, school counselor, pediatrician, nurse, mom, or dad 

  • You find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle with a child’s lying behaviors and are curious about the steps you could take that might decrease the lying

We will cover:

  • The cycle of behavior that is difficult...but not break

  • What parents and caregivers can do to stop their part of the cycle

  • Actual scripts on how to respond to a child who is lying as a fear-based, self-protective behavior


What you will receive:

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Lying as a Trauma Driven Behavior


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