Interpersonal Neurobiology and the relational neurosciences is an emerging field founded by Dr. Dan Siegel (Mindsight Institute).  This interdisciplinary field draws from the sciences of biology, anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, and complexity theory (as well as many others).  IPNB is not a clinical theory or therapeutic approach but a theory of human development that guides professionals (including therapists) in their work with clients toward integration and mental wellness.

I started studying IPNB in 2011 and have fully embraced IPNB and the relational neurosciences as my theoretical foundation, informing all of my clinical (as well as teaching, training, and consulting) work.  In fact, it informs all of my humaning ;)  In 2019, I accepted a position as the instructor of The Science of Interpersonal Neurobiology with the Foundations of Interpersonal Neurobiology Certificate program at PCC (starting online this fall!!)

Play therapy is such a expressive and experiential modality of therapy, with grounding in the therapist/client relationship, that turning to the relational neurosciences for a theory that informs clinical practice seems like a match made in heaven!

This one-hour live webinar invites child & play therapists to explore the basic tenets of IPNB and the relational neurosciences, as well as to consider how these core tenets could inform clinical practice and application of multiple child and play therapy modalities.  



  • Participants will identify the pioneers in the field of the relational neurosciences

  • Participants will identify the primary tenets of the relational neurosciences and how these apply to child & play therapy

  • Participants will identify a treatment planning approach to child & play therapy based on the relational neurosciences approach to symptoms and mental wellness (regulation, chaos, rigidity etc.)



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This training is sponsored by Marshall Lyles, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S.  Marshall Lyles, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S is an APT Approved Provider: 17-508.  


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Robyn Gobbel, LCSW, LMSW, RPT-S

Robyn Gobbel, LCSW, LMSW, RPT-S specializes in complex trauma, attachment, and adoption. Robyn’s diverse clinical training includes EMDR (including EMDR adapted for children with attachment trauma), Somatic Experiencing, and Theraplay. She is a Trust Based Relational Intervention® Educator and a Circle of Security Parent Educator. Robyn is a dedicated student of attachment theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology, studying extensively with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD. She is trained in The Alert Program® and has completed Yogapeutics Aerial Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training.  Robyn is on the instructional staff of the Foundations of Interpersonal Neurobiology Certificate Program at Portland Community College as well as the Therapy with Foster & Adoptive Children and Families Certificate Program with Portland State University/Oregon DHS.  


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The Relational Neurosciences with Child/Play Therapies ~ APT Non Contact CE


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