What do we say to our children when “Your birthparents couldn’t take care of you” isn’t enough anymore, especially if the truth involves really hard topics like abandonment, substance abuse, rape, or serious criminal history?  How do we explain abstract social concepts like poverty or “one child” laws to young children when it’s hard for even adults to understand? Better yet, why should we talk to our kids about these really hard topics anyway?!?!


How To Tell The Hard Truths in Adoption - WEBINAR - will tackle these topics, and more!


This webinar will demystify:

  • Why it’s important for children to know the truth about their life story. {This webinar will promote honesty, transparency, and authenticity when talking to children about their past}

  • The importance of attunement and connection when sharing stories

  • How to use the right tools and language for discussing these difficult topics with children

  • Offer examples and ideas about how to give our children age-appropriate and honest information about their life stories.


Webinars are intended to be purchased per household.  If you'd like to show the webinar to your group or agency, please email me for pricing!

How to Talk About the Hard Truths in Adoption- 2 Part Webinar


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