Teaching kids calming skills is important, but when we rely solely on the 'thinking' part of the brain to help with regulation, we overlook the two most important ways to help support regulation in our kiddos!!  Research is clear that we can help with regulation in three ways: cognition (teaching skills), engaging and paying attention to the body, and relationship!  


This webinar will focus on supporting regulation in your child both thru your relationship and thru supporting the needs of their body (especially sensory needs or difficulties!!). While this webinar focuses on parenting children with a history of complex trauma, the topics will apply to parenting any child- especially those who have a sensory processing system.  


Many children with a history of trauma have sensory processing sensitivies which can contribute to a difficulty with regulation.  We will discuss easy and practical ways to support your child's sensory needs.  We also know that one of the quickest and easiest ways to help someone change their emotional state is to change their physical state!  I'll share quick and easy ways you can engage your child in gross-motor and large-movement body play that will actually help CALM their brain and body.


Body-based techniques are so important but what we really know is that relationship is the ultimate regulator.  Connection needs to be at the foundation of EVERYTHING.  How can we capitalize on some key elements of connection in moments of your child's dysregulation (before they've totally blown their top!!) so you can help your child feel more in control of themselves?


When we help our children regain their regulation by staying connected and trying sensory based interventions, we literally repattern their brain and nervous system! This does so much more than simply TEACHING about calming skills (though of course that's important too!!).


All webinars are intended to be purchased PER HOUSEHOLD.  If you'd like to purchase this webinar to show to your agency or group, please contact me directly for group pricing.  


Helping Kids Calm Webinar


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