Foster Care & Adoption (even infant adoption!!!) always begins with loss.  Grief is inherent, although when and how children experience, express, and process their grief varies substantially.  When parents, professionals, therapists and other helpers honor the grief inherent in both foster care & adoption – for adopted children AND adoptive parents- and understand the complexities of their losses, we open ourselves up to being more fully present for children to process their grief.  This workshop will cover the losses inherent in foster care and adoption, grief related to adoption (including disenfranchised grief & ambiguous loss), understanding why children grieve for abusive and neglectful families, supporting children through big, confusing, and overwhelming feelings, and how to notice if our own feelings may be being triggered and preventing us from being full present for children. 


This two-hour webinar is for you if:

  • You have an adopted child

  • You know an adopted child

  • You could use support in creating an environment for children to openly and honestly give voice to their own feelings of grief related to adoption


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Grief in Foster & Adopted Children & Families


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