Since adoptive parents and (and the professionals who support them!!) often cannot remove themselves from stressful situations, they benefit from learning how to shift their nervous system into a state of regulation even in the midst of chaos. By leaning into the latest brain science on regulation and self-compassion, this webinar will help you identify and harness already existing opportunities to practice moments of rest and regulation in order to strengthen your resilience and decrease burn-out.   


Webinar participants will be introduced to the concept of self-compassion (based on Kristin Neff’s work). Together, we will discuss how self-compassion is crucial for self-care, as well as the barriers to self-compassion. You will have the opportunity to engage in an experiential activity with self-compassion during the webinar (or you can just listen and then practice it later) activity designed to be short enough and easy enough (yet powerful enough) that you can continue to do it whenever and wherever!  We will also look at the work of Rick Hanson, PhD, author of “Hardwiring Happiness.” We will learn how to track the state of our own nervous system and then how to take SIMPLE concrete steps to teach our brain how to spend more time focusing on the good that already exists. Seriously- they are so easy. They hardest part will be believing that these simple things will actually help.

This one-hour webinar is for you if:

  • Are sick of self-care plans that require money, a baby-sitter, or time away from your kids that you just don’t have.  And don’t leave you feeling any better in the long run (don’t get me wrong- time away is SO important. But for some it’s some feasible or helpful)

  • Willing to try something that seems too simple and too easy...especially in comparison to how hard your life is right now.

  • Want some tools that might not change miraculously how you feel in the moment but overtime with strengthen your nervous system and allow for greater resiliency

  • Have realized the chaos in your life isn’t going to change and are interested in seeing if you can change your nervous system despite the chaos


What you will receive:

  • Video Webinar Recording
  • Handout


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EMERGE: Practical Tools to Find Calm in the Chaos


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