I once heard schools described as the "final frontier" when it comes to shifting the paradigm for children with complex trauma and toxic in their histories.  We've come a long way but there is still SO MUCH TO DO when it comes to supporting our educators so they can support their students - allowing them to thrive.  


Join my guest Lisa Allen and me for a conversation about creating responsive learning environments  that reduce the chaos and restore the calm when problem-solving challenging behaviors in school-aged children.  Lisa will walk us through three examples of how using responsive, trauma-informed practices can positively affect child success in a school or home setting.  

Through participation in this webinar you will:


1.  Understand the Role & Guiding Principles of a Learning Environment Coordinator

2.  Understand the Role of a Peace Room in a Responsive Elementary School

3.  Hear examples of child-specific problem-solving and school-wide initiatives to address challenging behaviors in school-aged children.  

I had the great fortune of meeting Lisa Allen last year and am really excited to share her amazing wealth of knowledge about creating trauma-informed educational experiences for students, teachers, and staff.  Lisa Allen currently serves as the Director of Student Supports for the Valley View School District, near Chicago, IL. Her career spans 30+ years educating students from Pre-K to 12, Texas to Illinois, High performing to At-Risk, in General Education & Alternative School settings. Lisa's unique gift of seeing past student behavior to the child within has driven a career focused on honoring students while helping them to celebrate their unique and authentic selves.


This is a one-hour webinar.  You will receive the audio and video recordings, as well as a copy of the power point and a handout.  You will download the files and have unlimited access to them.  Please note that you will have 30 days from the time of purchase to download the files.  Once you download them, you can access them whenever!


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Creating Responsive Learning Environments at School & Home


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