Are you confused about why your child is still struggling to feel safe and regulated in your safe and loving family?

Is your child still demonstrating difficult and challenging behaviors?

Creating felt-safety is an essential part of parenting a child who has experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or orphanage care. 


Simply because a child IS safe doesn't mean he actually FEELS safe.  Creating felt-safety is crucial if we want to help our children feel more regulated and behave more appropriately.  So what is felt-safety and how can we cultivate within our families?

This webinar addresses the three places children are looking to determine if they are safe- and it's happening below conscious awareness!  This means we can't TELL them they are safe- we have to create environments in which they can FEEL safe.  

Together we will look at how parents & caregivers can:

  • Move their own nervous system into a state of safety- a non-negotiable but very challenging component of felt-safety!!

  • Adjust the environment to increase felt-safety

  • Support the child's internal self (is your child hungry? Thirsty? Tired? And why does this matter??) 

Regulated, connected children who FEEL SAFE behave well.  Creating Felt-Safety will give you concrete tools that will help to create a sense of felt-safety for your child, bringing more calm, connection, and FUN to your family.  


What you will receive:

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  • Additional Resources list (please note...this webinar was recorded during week 1 of the US Covid-19 crisis.  Resources were specific to creating felt-safey during the pandemic, though they are valuable resources at all times!)
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****PLEASE NOTE***** Though not intentionally planned this was, this webinar was recorded during week 1 of the USA Covid19 crisis.  The webinar was not written to apply to the pandemic crisis but it was referenced regularly.******


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Creating Felt-Safety


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