I am working on developing this group into an online group for parents.  Let me know if you are interested by CLICKING HERE.

You are struggling. 


I've thought and thought.  Read and brainstormed.  How can I support the parents whose life is chaotic and there isn't anything to suggest that is going to change any time soon. Or ever. You need to feel better now and are realizing you can no longer wait for your child to change.

So I came up with some ideas.

I've studied ways to change the brain, pay more attention to your body, and ultimately change how you feel...even if you can't change your life. And I've found that it's possible.

Are you ready to find yourself again? To emerge from the darkness and find the self you've left behind?

You are still there.  We can find you.

EMERGE is an intensive nine-month program limited to six parents.  We will meet every-other week for two hours in my office is north central Austin.

Together we will explore...and then support each other to actually implement and create REAL change...self-compassion and shame-resiliency.  We will literally change the neural pathways in your brain to notice again how to feel calm, joyful, and content...even in the midst of chaos.  We will support and honor each others' grief.  And you will emerge as yourself.

If you're are interested in the science, I'm blending together the work of Brene' Brown, Kristin Neff, Rick Hanson, Stephen Porges, Bonnie Badenoch, and Dan Siegel, just to name a few.  



We will literally make a plan based on how you want to feel.        Then we will do it.

I've designed a daily journal just for you- the parent of a child who has experienced trauma.  You'll watch your brain change and you will feel better.  We'll find concrete ways to calm your entire system- mind & body- and begin to notice the good that already exists in your life, hidden in plain sight (to borrow a phrase from the amazing folks over at Circle of Security®).  We'll learn ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul, and we'll support each other to actually do them.  We will bravely look at how our own relationship histories are impacting our relationships now, and look for opportunities to move toward coherence.  

You may feel resistant at first.  

You may wonder how it is even possible.  You may want to roll your eyes and think "gratitude shmatitude."  That's fine.  I'll meet you right there.  Every part of you is welcome as we make space for all your hurting parts...as well as your resilient parts that know you can feel better.  You can skip the daily journal.  You can do it once a week.  Or month.  You will lead the way.  I will walk beside you.  

EMERGE will honor that you already know what you need.  

Together with the group, I will support you as you peel back layers of hurt.  Layers of pain.  Layers of grief.  Layers of emptiness.  Holding space as you rediscover your self and your wise infinite knowing.  

Self-care will become a moment to moment way of life...not a trip to the spa or golf course. We will find compassion, grace, and gratitude even in the midst of chaos. And if that's too hard, we will hold space for that, too. We will honor grief in whatever way you need.

So what does this mean?  How will we do this?

In addition to twice monthly meetings, an online forum will be avaiable for daily support from the group members.  This will probably be Facebook but as a group we will find the best online option for everyone.  All group members will commit to providing with each other their personal contact information, including email and cell phone.  In addition to the daily journal, there will be suggested 'homework,' which you may or may not complete.  Your level of participation will be completely at your discretion.  That being said, EMERGE is the best fit for a parent who is ready to make some proactive changes in their own life - even if their child(ren) continues to really struggle.  

We will meet every-other Wednesday from 12:15 to 2:15 at 1705 W. Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78756.  Group begins Wednesday September 14th and continues until May 24th.  We will NOT meet March 15th.  Additional weeks off, including the day before Thanksgiving and the Wednesday before Christmas, may be determined as a group.

The monthly fee is $150.  A credit card is required to secure your spot in the group and the recurring charge will be made on the first group meeting of each month.  The monthly fee is $150 regardless of group attendance and regardless of the number of Wednesdays in each month.  When you commit to the group, you are commiting to the entire nine-month program.  This is essential to create group safety and cohesion.   

In order to provide the optimal group experience, a minimum number of group members is required by August 31st.  If the minimum number is not committed at that time, the group will be canceled.  



To recap...we're going to

  • Make goals based on how you want to feel and then look at the steps that are required on that journey

  • Learn about and then PRACTICE self-compassion.  And if it feels too hard to have self-compassion right now, you can have compassion for that part of you.  And if it's STILL too hard, you can let the group hold you in their compassion.

  • Grow resiliency by exploring shame and vulnerability.  Fun stuff, huh?

  • Create space for ALL parts of you.  The hurting part.  The numb part.  The judgmental part.  The critical part.  The sad part.  The angry part.  We'll get curious about each of these parts, ultimately allowing your hidden, vulnerable parts to get what they are longing for.  THIS will allow the you that hasn't been lost- that is still in there- to emerge.

  • Experiment with ways that we can HAVE a feeling without BECOMING a feeling. 

  • Literally retrain the brain to shift away from it's negativity bias to be able to take in the good...good that is already all around you.  

  • Explore our own relationship histories and consider how those experiences may be like invisible ghosts from the past- impacting us in ways that are difficult to see clearly.  

Ready to join?

Email me now! If you or your child is working with a therapist, I will ask for you to connect me with that therapist so together we can determine if EMERGE will be a good fit. If you aren't currently working with a therapist, let's connect by phone!  This will be an opportunity for you to ask more questions, as well as for me to help us determine together if EMERGE is a good fit for you right now.  Please email me first and we will schedule a time to connect.  

Once you decide you are ready to EMERGE, I will send an initial invoice of $150. Payment of that invoice will finalize your commitment to the group.  The payment is non-refundable and commits you to monthly recurring charges of $150 through May 2017.  The commitment fee of $150 is also your September payment.  

I cannot WAIT to have you.  I am so honored that you

are considering this commitment to yourself. 

EMERGE is a program designed just for you. For parents who have invested all of their emotional energy into their hurting kids; kids who came into your lives after having been through things we can hardly comprehend.  And years later you don't even know yourself anymore. You might feel hollow.  Hopeless. Overwhelmed.  

​© 2015 Robyn Gobbel, LCSW

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