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I love working with children and families, and have discovered that when it comes to kids, I'm the best helper for kids under age 9. Working with your child will be a collaborative experience between me and your family, and I am deeply honored to join you on your journey toward a happier, calmer family.


I believe it is crucial to involve parents along every step of the way.


Most often, parents participate in all therapy sessions. Occasionally, I may want to do some therapy sessions with just your child. This decision will be made with your input and with much thought and consideration. I have helped children as young as infants.  Oftentimes infants and toddlers benefit most from their parents participating in parent coaching as opposed to bringing a young child in for therapy.  


I use a variety of techniques to help children feel safe, comfortable, and able to express themselves. Our work may involve role-playing, puppets, playing games, drawing, or painting. Children in my office move their bodies a LOT!  We might go for a walk, play soccer outside, balloon volleyball inside, or create an obstacle course with the mini-trampoline.  


Before I meet your child, we will complete an extensive parents-only session where we focus on your child's current challenges, his/her developmental history, and what you can expect if you choose me for your child's therapist.  The assessment process is as unique as each child and family, and I'll consider their physical, mental, and emotional difficulties, making referrals or conducting certain assessment as indicated.





I help kids who are  struggling with:


Explosive Anger


Sensory Processing Disorder


Birth Trauma





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