Last Scheduled Austin Event!

WHAT: LIVE!!! Parenting Conference

WHERE: Austin, TX 

                    Settlement Home- Williamson                              Campus

                     1607 Colony Creek

                      Austin, TX 78758

WHEN: Saturday, June 8, 2019

 9am to 4:45pm

HOW MUCH:  Early Bird Before 05/25/19

                       $85 per person

                       $140 per parenting partners

                       Regular Admission after


                       $100 per person

                        $160 per parenting partners

BONUS: All registrants will receive a video download of the ONLINE version of this conference so you can watch it again and again and again...(not immediately provided)

What will this be all about?!?

The human brain is an inherently relational organ.  We are all always seeking connection and safety.  When children develop in traumatic or overwhelming environments, their attempts at finding connection and safety are overwhelmed by terror, isolation, or helplessness.  Rapid advances in the relational neurosciences are helping us understand how these overwhelming experiences impact a child’s whole self.  In this day-long workshop, we will first dive into a basic understanding of brain development, laying the foundation for the paradigm shifting belief that "Regulated, connected children who feel safe (and know what to do) behave well." 


After deeply studying the relational neurosciences, studying with experts in our field, and curiously watching the healing process unfold in my therapy office, I believe this down to my core.  


We'll walk through: 

  • The definitions of regulation, connection, and felt safety

  • Concrete ways to increase regulation, connection, and felt safety OUTSIDE the moment of challenging behaviors for children with histories of toxic stress or complex trauma. 

  • Responsive, in-the-moment parenting behaviors that will address the behavior based on the level of dysregulation, with a focus on regulation, connection, and felt-safety instead of punishments, threats, or the feeling of helplessness.  


Attendees will leave understanding the importance of cultivating presence and regulation in themselves first in order to invite their children into connection and regulation. 

Creating spaces for the adults who care for children impacted by complex trauma and behavior dysregulation (parents, teachers, teachers, therapists, case workers, baby-sitters, grandparents, CASA, EVERYONE!!!) to come together, experience connection, feel seen, known, and GOTTEN, and maybe even learn a few things about how to help their child experience a bit more regulation is basically my favorite thing ever.  Well, except maybe that all inclusive resort I went to once in Mexico...that might have been my favorite thing ever....

ANYWAY.  I love it so much I decided I was just going to host my own event.  I LOVE bringing you all together.  I love the friendships that bloom.  I love watching strangers at a table just 'get' each other the second they sit down.  I love the laughter.  I love the realness.  I love being an example of how to show up completely raw and completely real because we just ain't got time for anything else.  


So!  I do hope you'll come!!

All the Details


8:30 - 9am ~ Check-In

9am ~ Conference Begins

12:15pm ~ Lunch (on your own)

1:30 ~ Conference Resumes

4:45 ~ Conference Ends

Event Location

Settlement Home- Williamson Center

1607 Colony Creek, Austin, TX 78758


All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.  Please note that this is NOT a CE (continuing education) for any professional licensing board.

Child Care

Unfortunately this event does not provide child-care


ALL attendee (per ticket purchase) will receive a digital download of "Healing Trauma from the Heart with the Brain in Mind."  It will NOT be the video recording of the conference but the online workshop (with the same content).  This will not be immediately available but you WILL receive this content as soon as it's ready!

QUESTIONS?  Please don't hesitate to email me! 

Please note the cancellation policy: All tickets are refundable until May 25, 2019.  After that time, no refunds will be issued.  Tickets can be transferred!!!

What others have had to say about this training!

"Thank you again for an AWESOME conference. Hands down, Robyn is the best workshop presenter I’ve ever seen. She was knowledgeable, engaging and hopeful. Everything she said resonated. I left feeling inspired to be the best parent I can be.”

"Even as an adult with complex trauma, I have never felt so understood. A part of me wishes I could be a kid again in the hands of people that have attended your conference and really want to help them!" 

"Your style took complex subject matter and made it understandable." 

"Thank YOU for being such a great speaker! We are thrilled  beyond words with the content!" 

"This is fantastic. It has given me hope, understanding and practical things to do."  


“Robyn is truly the best presenter I’ve ever experienced.”

“Robyn was excellent - she spoke to my soul!”

Did you know??

After 15 years living, working, and loving the Austin community, my family and I are embarking on a brand new adventure.  We are leaving Austin and heading north to Michigan!

True Texans are finding this horrifying!!  But we are grateful, excited, and ready to watch a new chapter of our lives unfold.

Although I'm certain that at some point I'll be visiting Austin for teaching, training, and margaritas, at this time this is my last scheduled Austin event.  I hope you'll come celebrate with my life in Austin, your children, and your commitment to seeing through their behaviors.

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