attachment & trauma family therapy

If your child has been adopted or experienced abuse or neglect, traditional talk therapy is not the most effective treatment. When counseling is focused on attachment, you and your child will both participate in counseling sessions.


Complex trauma impacts children across seven domains, including attachment, regulation, memory integration, cognition, and behavior. Treatment is inherently complex and I work with children to integrate attachment-rich, sensory-senstive, and neurobiologically sound interventions for full-brain healing.  We may spend sessions dancing, drumming, singing, playing ball, or jumping on a trampoline, in addition to supporting attachment and developing a coherant trauma narrative.  


A crucial component of adoption and attachment counseling is learning how to parent a child with a history of attachment trauma. Parent support is always offered and outside resources, such as reading, watching DVDs, or attending workshops may be encouraged. I know that parenting a child with a history of complex trauma is exhausting and isolating, and at time the journey feels hopeless. I am a Trust Based Relational Intervention® Educator and will help you implement TBRI® into your home. I am also a Circle of Security Parent Educator and find those principles to be immensely helpful for parents.  I draw from the tenets of Beyond Consequences, Logic, & Control by Heather Forbes, LCSW and as well as the work of Drs. Daniel Siegel & Tina Bryson (The Whole Brained Child), and Dr. Ross Greene (The Explosive Child).  


There is hope.  When a family makes the commitment to include me on their journey, I take very seriously the role of supporting the parents.  


My work with adopted and traumatized children is heavily influenced by approaches that focus on relationship and coregulation, such as Theraplay® and the Circle of Security®, as well as the work of Daniel Hughes, Dr. Karyn Purvis and the principles of TBRI®, Dr. Bruce Perry, and Deborah Gray, MSW. I have trained extensively with the Attachment & Trauam Center of Nebraska on treating children with complex developmental trauma. Additionally, I have studied with experts in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, including Daniel Siegel, MD, Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, and Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC-S, LMFT-S, SEP.    

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