Robyn Gobbel lcsw, lmsw, rpt-s

I am currently on therapy sabbatical while I focus on speaking, writing, and supporting other helpers, healers, & educators!

My credentials and training are important, and you can read them over there



But I'm guessing that what you REALLY want to know is...  


Can I help you?


I think if you get to know a little about me- the real me, not just my credentials- you'll have a good idea on whether you want to work with me.  And if you find youself wanting to work with me, then I can probably help you.  


I’ve wanted to be a therapist since before I knew what a therapist was.  I knew I wanted to help people- especially children.  What I longed for- what propelled me into this work, although I did not have this language at the time- was my desire to see people, to be with people, to know people, and to be with, seen, and known myself. 


I’m married to the amazing man I’ve known since high school; I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but I would say that I knew within days that this was the person I was going to share my life with.   We are both deeply grateful for the opportunity to do what we love.  Together we’ve crafted a life where we live our passions while also remembering what really matters- each other.  Just when I thought it couldn't get better- the coolest kid on earth calls me “mom.”  I’ve learned more from seeing the world, especially myself, through his eyes, than I could ever hope to learn in a classroom- and much of the time what I see isn’t pretty. The unrelenting forgiveness and acceptance of a child is a profound privilege- and I have awareness of how it would be impossible not to take this for granted.  It’s because of these two guys that every day I strive to both be better and to be wildly accepting of all my flaws.  To be OK with what is, while also being open to change. 















What I’ve come to realize is that I thought I immersed myself in studying trauma and attachment to help with your healing, when really I’ve been working on my own. 


I get to the end of my day most days and just laugh at how unbelievable it is this THIS is what I do for a living.  I play and dance, laugh and cry.  Children are my guides.  They guide me on their healing, and they guide me when I’m working with adults.  Because it’s not adults who come to therapy- it’s their hurting child within.  When I realized that I work with children all day long, ages 0 – 100, my clients began to experience greater growth and my work became clearer. 


I don't mean to give you the impression my life is perfect.  It's been full of amazing highs and amazing lows- just like yours.  It's messy.  Sometimes it's delightfully messy.  Sometimes it's painfully messy.  It's worth it.  I've learned that it's worth it because of relationship.  


I live rurally, outside of Grand Rapids, MI on five green and wooded acres.  My husband is a musician, educator, and a fantastic cook who has a special talent in arranging musicals for marching bands.  We have two dogs who don’t listen to me at all.  I love to run (four half marathons!) and write, and have recently begun contemplating a career change as a professional aerialist.  In the meantime, I've started taking classes and enjoying the challenge as well as the thrill of flying high above the ground. I know relationships are hard, sometimes tragic and full of unimaginable grief.  I also know there is another side.  That relationship heals. 


Robyn Gobbel, LCSW, LMSW, RPT-S is a licensed psychotherapist turned speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant. Formerly the founder of the Central Texas Attachment & Trauma Center, Robyn now lives in Grand Rapids, MI.  Robyn is currently on therapist-sabbatical and focusing her time on growing & supporting helpers, healers, & educators who are focused on being with clients (especially those with complex trauma histories!!!) in an embodied, resonant, and deeply present way.  Robyn has been told that some of her greatest superpowers are her ability to be with people in a way that makes them feel seen, gotten, heard, and deeply cared for.  It's hard to imagine anything else being more important.


Education & License


Licensed Clinical Social Worker &

      Board Approved Supervisor {Texas}

Licensed Master Social Worker {Michigan}

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology


Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW)

Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT-S)




Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprossessing (EMDR)- Certified


EMDR Integrative Team Treatment for Attachment Trauma in Children- Certified


Trust Based Relational Intervention® Educator


Certified Therapist with Foster & Adoptive Children and Families (Portland State Univeristy)


Circle of Security Parent Educator


Additional Training

Theraplay Levels 1 & 2

   Currently in supervision toward becoming a Certified      Theraplay Therapist

Somatic Experiencing - level 1

Yogapeutics® Aerial Yoga

DEEP Training 

               with Candyce Osserfort-Russell, LPC

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Online Circle


Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in  Mind: Year Long Immersion in  Interpersonal Neurobiology

               with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, Vancouver, WA


The ALERT Program®


Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)

     studied with Daniel Siegel, MD

                           Bonnie Badenoch, PhD

                           Juliane Taylor Shore, LMFT-S, LPC-S, SEP


Attachment & Bonding Assessments 

Instructor Appointments

Foundations of Interpersonal Neurobiology Certificate Program

     "Science of IPNB" Instructor 

      Portland Community College

Adoption & Foster Family Therapy PostGraduate Certificate Program

     "Treating the Continuum of Attachment         Difficulties for Adoptive and Foster Families" 

       Portland State University School of Social Work Child Welfare Partnership                



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