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You and Me.  We.  We are designed to be in relationship.  It is within the context of a 'we' that we have the greatest capacity to emerge as our true self. As a therapist, I'm allowed the privilege of creating a new 'we' that includes 'you' and 'me.' 



Trained in adoption, attachment, and trauma, I integrate attachment-based, neuroscience supported, and sensory sensitive modalities to create a healing environment for children who have experience early complex developmental trauma prior to joining their adoptive family.  


I get it.  Raising children with early attachment & trauma injuries isn't what you expected.  In fact, it's traumatic.  When I work with children who were harmed in their early years, I work with their whole family.  I'll consider your child's sensory needs, support attunement and attachment, and help to bring mastery and control over traumatic experiences through play, movement, story-telling, and EMDR.  I integrate Trust Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI) into the therapy room and will help you bring TBRI® into your home.



Therapists specializing in complex trauma often feel isolated and alone in their work with families- especially those of us in private practice.  In an attempt to help therapists build connection and community, as well as a space for consultation, I provide many opportunities for professional development and distance consultation.

If you are a therapist interested in the magic that occurs when we merge relational neuroscience, attachment theory, and interpersonal neurobiology when therapy with children with complex trauma (including adoption), check out my training programs offered both online and in-person!  

I offer online consultation via HIPAA compliant Zoom for therapists around the world looking to improve their skills in working with children with complex trauma and adoption.


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My extensive experience working with children with complex developmental trauma allows me to have a unique lens when working with adults because I have a deep understanding of the impact of trauma at different developmental periods.  I work with adults in a collaborative and deeply respectful manner.  I trust that you bring to therapy everything that you already need- I just have the deep privilege of helping you discover that which may lie deep within.  With attachment theory as my solid foundation, I rely on the emerging field of Interpersonal Neurobiology as a guide.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing or Somatic Experiencing may be a helpful modality when working to integrate traumatic experiences.  


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