Neuroscience with Heart
                  ....wrapped in glitter & fun

Someone actually said that about me!  And she was RIGHT.  I take the complex science of Relational Neurosciences and translate it for helpers, healers, educators, and parents so it makes sense, is empowering, and can be used to support the world-changing work that they are doing (parenting, educating, healing, and helping).  

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Keynotes, workshops, full-day sessions.  One-hour. Six-hours.  Let's talk about what you need, who your audience is, and how you want them to feel when your event is over.   "Robyn made this complex information make sense!" is hands-down the most common piece of feedback I get (well...after they tell me how much they love my glitter Doc Martens).  I teach the truth about the impact of trauma while keeping it inspiring.  Attendees leaves feeling energized and excited, not depressed or overwhelmed.  


Is your audience just learning about the impact of trauma?  I LOVE the newbies :) Are they ready to move on to 'now what?'  My passion is inspiring helpers, healers, and educators fully embrace 'the power of one.'  Or maybe you feel like I do- that it's time to move past 'trauma informed' and be honest that really we are just talking about being HUMAN informed.  Because regulated, connected kids (PEOPLE) who feel safe (and know what to do!!) behave well.   

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After 15 years as a complex-trauma therapist specializing in working with adoptive families, my current heart-work is focused on nurturing and supportive the helpers, healers, educators, and parents who are in-the-trenches with the children who need us the most.  


          sometimes I teach like this ^.....

And when you're in the trenches, life is BUSY.  So there's lots of options!  Week-long retreats, one, two, or three day trainings, online book studies, introductory webinars, consultation... my hope is that there is something just for you at the time and financial investment you're ready to make! 


I've been on!


trauma therapist podcast.png

Trauma Therapist Podcast

"I've Never Met a True Self I haven't Fallen in Love With" ~ a quote from a favorite mentor

Attachment Theory in Action.jpg

Attachment Theory in Action

Using Movement and Rhythm in Therapy with Children

MartiOT Trauma Tips.jpg

Trauma Tips with Marti Smith  

Reframing Behaviors 

adoption connection 25.png

The Adoption Connection

Regulating through Movement & Play

adoption connection 26.png

The Adoption Connection

What to do When Your Child is Out of Control

threapist uncensored 2.png

Therapist Uncensored

Complex Trauma & Managing Dysregulation

adoption connection 6.png

The Adoption Connection

Helping Kids Process Scary Events

The Archibald Project

How to Help your Child Thrive During the Holidays

Creative Therapy Umbrella 

Movement, Relational Neuroscience, & Trauma


Stable Moments

Human Informed vs. Trauma Informed

Back-to-School & Adoption- webinar

Webinar with Guest Presenter April Dinwoodie- transracially adopted adult & adoption thought-leader

Online- August 6, 2020

Parenting After Trauma: Minding the Heart & Brain

Online, Self-Paced Course for Parents & Caregivers

Join the waiting list!  Course re-opens in fall of 2020!

Resilience Through Relationship: Cultivating Post-Traumatic Growth through Connection, Movement, & Play

WAFCA Summer Conference

Madison, WI ~ August 7, 2020 ~ NOW ONLINE and Open for registration!

Engaging the Body in Play Therapy with Movement, Rhythm, and Sensory Play

Two-day LIVE Virtual training for child & play therapists ~ August 27 & 28, 2020

SOLD OUT!!!  Join the waiting list!  Next cohort anticipated November 2020

A Place in My Heart

Adoption Conference

Wisconsin Dells, WI ~ November 7, 2020


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